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As a result, you could be left holding shares worth far less than you anticipated. Employ a stop-limit order if you are willing to hold the shares if you can’t get your desired price. Buy-stop orders are conceptually the same as sell-stop orders. A buy-stop order price will be above the current market price and will trigger if the price rises above that level. A stop order is filled at the market price after the stop price has been hit, regardless of whether the price changes to an unfavorable position.

Should I use a stop or limit order?

Remember that the key difference between a limit order and a stop order is that the limit order will only be filled at the specified limit price or better; whereas, once a stop order triggers at the specified price, it will be filled at the prevailing price in the market--which means that it could be executed at a ...

Similar to the above example, your stop may get triggered and you’re looking to sell out of your 1,000 shares. But due to a lack of liquidity, you only sell a fraction of your position. And before you take a short position, you want to see price trade below the stock’s recent swing low of $19.50.


This compensation may impact how and where listings appear. Investopedia does not include all offers available in the marketplace. By combining the two orders, the investor has much greater precision in executing the trade.

However, the market does not have buyers willing to purchase the shares thus pushing the price down to $17. This order type allows you to keep your money if the asset of interest is not moving in price the way you need. But once the GALA asset reaches the set price level, the trade will occur on your conditions. It is a two-step control tool aimed at safe trading, maximizing profits, and minimizing losses.

Stop Limit Order: How To Use In Crypto?

On the other hand, the how to set stop limit stop order will be executed below the market price; once the price of the asset reaches the stipulated point. Sell stop-limit orders target the price below the market level. Let’s say the current BTC price is $20,000, and you believe it will continue to go down, so you want to make sure that the trend is downward. You set the stop price at the $19,700 mark and the limit at $19,500 as you don’t want to sell BTC at a lower price. So, if the price stays high (above $19,700), you don’t lose your BTC as the order is not filled.

You set a stop-limit order to sell if the price trades at $10, with a limit of $9.80. There will be situations where your stop gets triggered, but liquidity is so thin that the market trades straight through your limit price. If F trades at $21.50 or above, your broker will buy you 100 shares up to a price of $21.60. Imagine that same situation, only this time you use a stop-limit order. You still want to sell 100 XYZ shares if the price drops to $10.

Although similar in objective, trading and investing are unique disciplines. Duration, frequency and mechanics are key differences separating the approaches. If you decide to start trading, press "Trading," and then go to "Trading Station". Prevents further losses when it comes to poorly performing securities. The order is set to be activated if the stop price is met, leaving you with almost no flexibility.


A stop-limit order is similar to a stop-loss order, except it requires the investor to set a limit price in addition to the stop price. When an instrument hits the stop price, a limit order is activated instead of a market order. This limit order is conditional; it only executes at the stop-limit price or better. Buy-stop orders are often used to mitigate – even prevent – potentially unlimited losses of an uncovered short position. It is also applied as a stop-loss for short positions or as part of a breakout trading strategy.

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If you like your portfolio’s safe and steady growth, then stop-limit orders might fit you nicely. They won’t propel your wealth quickly in the volatile market but will serve as a reliable staple of your portfolio in calmer periods. Of course, not the order type itself is to blame for losses, nor does it make you rich. This order type is not something new or exclusive to cryptocurrency trading. It was created long before the invention of cryptocurrencies and is widely used in online trading.

Stop-loss vs stop-limit orders: What are they and how do you use ... - FXCM

Stop-loss vs stop-limit orders: What are they and how do you use ....

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Stop Limit 'Buy' Orders

It also depends on the risk you are ready to take after thoroughly evaluating how the instrument is trading. Stop-limit and stop-loss are not the only types of trading orders. A trailing stop order is a variation of a standard stop-loss order.

The stop price and limit price don't have to be the same amount. The stop price you set triggers the execution of the order and is based on the price at which the stock was last traded. The limit price you set is the limit that sets price constraints on the trade and must be executed at that price or better. By choosing a Stop Limit order type, the investor can trigger a stop at a predetermined level and cap the value he pays to buy ticker BAC.

Should seek the advice of a qualified how to set stop limit professional before making any investment,and investigate and fully understand any and all risks before investing. Once you locate these key levels, it’s often smart to place your orders around them. You can often expect liquidity to pick up as the price approaches them. Analyzing stock charts is a great way to determine these key levels. You can use the horizontal line tool on your charting platform to look for areas where the market historically turns around.

Enter the stop price, limit price, and the amount of crypto you wish to purchase. Limit price can be set above or below the stop price for both buy and sell orders. For example, stop price B can be placed along with a lower limit price BNB B1 or a higher limit price B2. You can set the stop price above the current price, such as 3,000 , or below the current price, such as 1,500 .

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